Broadhead Kennels

Owner Randy Mabe

My name is Randy Mabe and I've been an avid hunter since a child. My father always had hunting dogs and throughout my life I've never been without one. A few years back I decided to research and find the greatest all-round versatile hunting dog. I'm very glad I did the research as it led me to the undeniably awesome German Wirehair. Today my wife, Karen and I own three German Wirehair's, Ally, Cheyenne, and Dixie. We both love our dogs for the wonderful companions they are to our family and the great hunting partners they are in the field.

I am not a professional dog trainer, and the wonderful thing is, you don't have to be to own a fantastic German Wirehair. I spend a lot of time working with my dogs because I love sharing the time and experience with them in the field. Our dogs have proven to be quick to learn and have a great desire to please. They are all affectionate and gentle dogs at the kennel with a strong desire to please in the field.

I spend a lot of time hunting each year and owning three German Wirehair has greatly increased my success in hunting doves, quail, duck and retrieval of big game through blood tracking. If you love to hunt and want to be more successful in the field while adding a great companion to your family, contact me and let me tell you more about Broadhead Kennels.