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Broadhead Kennels...

is a registered German Wirehair kennel with our goal being to produce outstanding German Wirehair dogs that have the ability to perform as a true versatile hunting companion. Whether it's retrieving doves, pointing quail, hunting ducks or blood tracking game, you can do it all-with one dog. We believe owning a Wirehair will not only increase your success in the field, but also add a wonderful companion to your family.

We are not a boarding kennel nor do we train other peoples' dogs. We are hunters that train our own dogs to enjoy the sport we love and raise on average one litter of puppies per year.

German Wirehair

The German Wirehair is an awesome breed of hunting dog resulting from over 90 years of strict certified breeding and registered only in Germany. Breeding may only take place when both parents are certified, having passed strict tests performed in the field under the eye of qualified judges. With over ninety years of testing and careful breeding, the German Wirehair has developed great natural abilities such as nose, search, pointing, tracking, cooperation, water love, retrieving and temperament.

Making Memories

"A hunter's dog is more than just a pet; it is part of your hunting team. You can feed and care for a dog of poor hunting ability just the same as you can for a great hunting dog. The only difference is about -10-12 years of successful hunting and great memories made in the field." Randy R. Mabe